On May 19, The European Commission adopted its Better Regulation Agenda. This comprehensive package of reforms covering the entire policy cycle will boost openness and transparency in the EU decision-making process, improve the quality of new laws through better impact assessments of draft legislation and amendments, and promote constant and consistent review of existing EU laws, so that EU policies achieve their objectives in the most effective and efficient way.

First Vice-President Frans Timmermans said:

“This Commission is determined to change both what the Union does and how it does it. Better regulation is therefore one of our top priorities. We are listening to the concerns of citizens and businesses – especially SMEs – who worry that Brussels and its institutions don’t always deliver rules they can understand or apply. We want to restore their confidence in the EU’s ability to deliver high quality legislation. Better regulation is not about “more” or “less” EU rules, or undermining our high social and environmental standards, our health or our fundamental rights. Better regulation is about making sure we deliver on the ambitious policy goals we have set ourselves in the most efficient way.”

“We must rigorously assess the impact of legislation in the making, including substantial amendments introduced during the legislative process, so that political decisions are well-informed and evidence-based. And while the natural tendency of politicians is to focus on new initiatives, we must devote at least as much attention to reviewing existing laws and identifying what can be improved or simplified. We must be honest about what works and what doesn’t. The decisions taken by EU Institutions interest us all, so we are putting forward measures which will open up the EU’s decision-making process, allowing for more transparency and scrutiny, and providing more opportunities for people to give their views.”

The Better Regulation Package will be directly implemented by the Commission in its own preparation and evaluation of legislation and through cooperation with the European Parliament and Council. To this end, the Commission will now enter negotiations with the Parliament and Council over a new Interinstitutional Agreement (IIA) on Better Law-making.



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