Today Bulgaria joins the family of more than 30 countries of the European continent, most of which member states of the European Union that have adopted in one or another way  impact assessment as a mechanism that allows evidence-based decision making in the area of regulation

From today the Bulgarian legislative process begins to function differently compared to the previous one which largely inherited elements from the era before November 10, 1989. The impact assessment creates a new port of data, information and expertise to which the legislative process may directly log in for becoming more objective, more impartial and to start producing better regulation.

From today the legislative activity becomes more democratic, because it opens to the public. In the process of developing draft laws the entities having the right to propose legislation will be obliged to announce their intentions and to “open a window” for at least 1 month for opinions, suggestions and recommendations of the users legislation – the citizens and society. This is the principle of the mandatory public consultations. This, besides the process making more transparent, increases the legitimacy of decisions in regulation and creates conditions for better implementation.

From today the foundations of a better quality of Bulgarian legislation are laid. The impact assessment, besides being a source of reliable information, evidence and expertise has a serious systematic and disciplining effect on legislation as a whole. It requires a clear definition of problems, the setting of goals and putting results before reaching regulations with clear deadlines and indicators of success. Based on them, within a specified period of time after those measures have been effective, the law requires an ex post impact assessment by which progress, success and effectiveness of the introduced instruments to be measured and their leaving in force, amendment or repeal to be recommend.

Let’s wish us good luck!


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